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Bucharest Free Tour - Short Description - Available from June 2019

If you are visiting Bucharest, you need to see the Old Town beyond pubs and clubs. Our Unbelievable Team designed a special tour in the Old Town: Bucharest Free Tour. It means that you decide the price, by tipping the guide if you consider so.


  • Find out the amazing history of medieval, French and modern Bucharest;
  • Learn about how Dracula is strongly connected with our city;
  • Visit the most beautiful church in Bucharest;
  • Uncover misteryes that remain secrets even for some of the locals;
  • Receive a surprise cookie, very loved by locals since communist times.
free tour por bucarest
free tour bucarest


Communism and capitalism: two opposite ways of seeing the world that converge in Bucharest. Avant-garde buildings are mixed with monuments to the dictatorship creating a visual spectacle that does not go unnoticed.

With this premise, we begin our free tour of the Romanian capital. After telling the history of the Parliament Palace, we will cross the river that passes through Bucharest to enter the old town. We will explain the legend about the birth of this place (unknown to many) in the most entertaining way possible: through a story that will connect directly with your personal feelings.

We will continue through the old town, made entirely of stone and we will arrive at the National Bank of Romania, the financial headquarters of the country and without a doubt a very interesting stop to discover better how the Romanian economy has worked throughout history.

After two and a half hours in which you will have completely fallen in love with this mystical city, we will finish the tour in the Plaza of the University of Bucharest and you can take a drink in one of the traditional pubs.

Schedule details

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Meeting point: from Coltea Park (Universitate metro station), at the violin statue
  • Starting time: Everyday, at 10:30
  • Ending point: University Square
  • Language: English
  • Price: Tips Based

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