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Todo lo que quieres saber sobre el comunismo rumano en un recorrido gratuito.

Español: Reyes y Dictadores

Ghosts and Vampires Bucharest Tour

Real vampires, ghosts stories and haunted houses. Read more!

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Bucharest By Foot Story

It all started on a Sunday, at a family lunch, when, after a good meal and a glass of wine, our parents accidentally, but call it fate, told us stories from old #Bucharest, about their daily lives, cultural events, and urban myths. 

We suddenly realized that we know almost nothing about our city, Bucharest, so we took the decision to find out more. 

As any lazy “student”, we thought that it’s easier to learn it from others than to search it for ourselves, so we started taking part in different Bucharest tours, some general, other thematic. 

Another stroke of fate, because the passion was born. After every tour, we were spending time discussing what we found out, double-checking the information, finding even more interesting information about architectural or historical sites. Until one day when accidentally, but call it fate, one guide asked us if we are there to spy for our own private tours. 

An idea was born, yes we want our own private tours, but different, tours based on stories, personal memories, and feelings. 

From one blog to another, from one documentary to another, from one old newspaper to another, from our parents’ and grandparents’ stories, from our childhood during communism and from our numerous strolls along the streets of Bucharest, we managed to create unique tours, to include hidden fascinating sites known only by us, to see beyond the beaten touristic paths. 

#Unbelievable, right? But call it fate.