5 Reasons To Have a Bucharest City Break

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania is definetly worth a visit. Vibrant, loud, alive and contrastant, it will surprise you with the variety of activities and sites it has to offer.

Located in the south-eastern part of Romania, in a plain, and crossed by the Dâmbovița Riever, Bucharest treasures lots of stories and legends that are eager to be heard by curious and adventurous people. Why should you have a Bucharest city break, after all?

1. Do we have Friendly Prices in Bucharest?

We will start with an aspect everyone thinks of when travelling. The cost. Let us tell you that here, from accommodation to meals, to souvenirs or attractions, the prices are low, compared to other European destinations. You won’t need that much money to spend a weekend here, especially if you also choose to try our extremely cheap street food – any kinds of pastries: from covrig to merdenea, to different variations you will find at every corner – delicious! Museum tickets are between 3 and 10 euros for adults and tottaly worth the visit and if you want to try concerts, festivals or other upbeat events, you will find them everywhere and quite accesible, again.

2. History and architecture that you can discover in a Bucharest city break

Even though people started living in this area since prehistoric times, everyone likes to take a look at the medieval chapter of Bucharest’s history, as it was ruled by a popular man – Vlad the Impaler. The Old Court and first documents mentioning this city are from his period, and so many other stories that, of course, inspired Bram Stocker to create his own version of this character. If you don’t fancy the Middle ages, we can fast forward to the XIXth and first half of the XXth century, a very romantic period – the monarchy and the Little Paris phase of the city. The period when intricate architecture flourished and ornamentated Bucharest with marvelous palaces, dainty houses and a true parisian spirit. After this, communism had its turn and took a toll on our history and architecture, bringing the brutalist and soviet inspired apartment blocks that so many of us call today home. The new, conteporary buildings, with ambitious plans of becoming skyscrapers, with shiny glass and futurist shapes also tower over the capital, adding new silhouettes to the skyline.

3. Vibrant nightlife

We would be hypocrites if we ignored the nightlife here. This city truly never sleeps, and you will find out especially when choosing to see how the Old Town transforms through the night. From a cozy, boheme place, gently lit by the sun, to a colorful, vivid and upbeat centre of fun. From the Old Town clubs to the more luxurious ones in the north, you can try as many of them you like and just paint the town red. Alcohol is, again, quite cheap, the music and atmosphere are electric and you will have the fun of your life here. Make sure you have enough energy to party until sunrise and continue you adventure fresh the next day.

4. Nature in Bucharest

Yes, you read right – nature in the city. Bucharest has lots of parks with lakes and colorful flowers, that create a spectacle as seasons change. From the biggest, Herăstrău, to the oldest, Cișmigiu, Bucharest has a new and unique addition – Văcărești Natural Park. Located in the southern part of the city, you can access it easily and enjoy a view worth going off the beaten path. With so many species of birds, turtles, even foxes and squirrels, this park will be totally enchanting as you walk either on its side, seeing it from the above, or you choose to go and feel the nature from the source. Nontheless, Bucharest has parks, alleys and gardens that will bring the nature closer, even if in a very crowded area.

5. Diversity

Of all sorts, in every domain, Bucharest has it all. New, old, local, international, traditional, modern and so on. From all kinds of cuisines, to a mix of architectural styles in just one place, you can see and try anything here. From simple and cheap to luxurious and expensive, quiet or loud, any type of tourist will find somenthing for their own liking. Bucharest, being a cosmopolitan city since the medieval times, has assimilated lots of cultures, people form all regions in Romania and outside of it, it kept up with the newest trends while also wanting to keep some beautiful traditions. 

In order to enjoy this city proprely, to the maximum of your abilities, you should definetly choose a walking tour – wether it be The Old Town and the Parliament, The Communist Tour, or even the Ghosts and Vampires of Bucharest, a local guide will share with you all there is to know about it, will show you the most iconic ladmarks and even reccomend some more.

You can understand it better by foot, listening to its captivating stories and seeing true relics of the past.

Also, the food recommendations are customised based on your taste and the experience is a complete one.

So, what do you think? Are you already searching for a Bucharest City Break ticket?

We will be waiting for you right here, happy to show you around!

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