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An unique experience! Discover the darkside of Bucharest!

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Welcome to the dark side of Bucharest. Close to the Old Town, but still away from it, there are strange things happening. Be aware, there might be some uninvited “locals” joining us for this tour. 

As this place was inhabited more than 2000 years ago, the city has witnessed to many deaths, murders, mysteries and, if you pay attention, you will hear the voice of the underworld almost everywhere. Do you want to try an unique experience? 

Then…. the darkside of Bucharest!

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Haunted houses

Bucharest is full of apparently uninhabited buildings, but the disturbed souls of the former owners, people who had been mercilessly thrown out of their homes, are still lingering among the shadows of the old trees.

Stories of the spirits that never found their peace

What if we told you that it's possible for really mean people to hang around after their death and torture the living ones? In this legend-filled area, everything can happen! We've got plentiful of real stories and personal examples.

The bloody and real story of Dracula

Upon hearing the real story of Vlad "Dracula" Tepes, many people cannot withold the urge of covering their ears. The 100% documented history is by far more horrific than the legend merely inspired by facts.

And a lot other things!

Romanian ocult rituals, how to protect yourself from the Evil Eye, witchcraft and spells, even a bit of foretelling for the ones brave enough to hear about their own future. Are you in?

All this in 2.5 thrilling and entertaining hours. Try an unique tour in Romania!


The guide will meet you in front of the National Theatre in the garden, where you can find out the first haunting story in the city and other historical relevant information. Next, prepare to discover how some beautiful old houses are still inhabited by tormented spirits that refuse to leave the city, the most famous one being the House of the Devil. 

Along the road, the guide will explain different legends from the Romanian folklore, superstitions and mythical tales. The real story of Dracula? We have it! The story of the real “vampire of Bucharest”? We tell it! Real stories of contemporary strigoi? Yes, that too. Exorcism? True story! Add to this the spirits of over 200 thirsty children and a very weird tree and you have a full horror story. 

Do not worry, our guides have extensive knowledge and they will tell you how to protect yourself from the creatures of the night!

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What our clients say:

Went to this tour a couple of days ago with Katalina, with our tour guide, and it was great. Highly recommend her. She knows all the mysterious stories of the haunted places of Bucharest, the history of Bucharest itself from monarchy times to Communism and also the hidden stories, events and traditions which you can't learn from internet on your own. We were walking around the city and checked a couple of houses, churches, restaurant and school buildings with horror or spooky stories. The tour started in the evening, so soon it got dark and it also added some color to the tour. If you enjoy spooky stories then this tour is definitely worth doing. Well Bucharest and generally Romania is known to most of us for this reason, so if you want to really experience the culture and traditions of it then ask Katalina, she knows it all!
Anahitkira, march 2019
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Went on the trip last night with Katalina as our tour guide. It was a small tour, which enriched the experience. We walked around Bucharest and were told a mixture of spooky legends and mythology, ghost stories and the Communist reign and how it affected the city. We were taken to a bunch of historical sites and some houses which have their own local legends. It was one of the highlights of my trip and it made me look at Bucharest in a way I hadn't before. I recommend it for those who have a love of the morbid, spooky, and unnerving or even those who love little-known history. Everyone on the tour also received a little present which was very sweet.
Missy T., march 2019
via TripAdvisor - Ghosts and Vampires Tour, Unbelievable Bucharest
We did this tour private with the guide Andrada and it was a fun experience! Andrada told us horror stories while walking around in bucharest. In addition, we could ask everything About the city. We would recommend this tour with this guide!
N. Puozzo, January 2019
via TripAdvisor - Ghosts and Vampires Tour, Unbelievable Bucharest

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