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Bucharest Free Tour

Communism and capitalism: two opposite ways of seeing the world that converge in Bucharest. Avant-garde buildings are mixed with monuments to the dictatorship creating a visual spectacle that does not go unnoticed. 

With this premise, we begin our free tour of the Romanian capital.

This activity includes:

  • Old Town legends and stories
  • Taste a Romanian sweet that was very famous in the communist times
  • Palace of Parliament - Legends and stories
  • A surprising 300 years old monastery - Stavropoleos
  • The connection between Dracula and Bucharest
  • The oldest church in town
  • Romanian traditions and local dishes
  • Super friendly local guides
Bucharest Free Tour


We start off in front of the Palace of the Parliament, revealing its story and introducing our guests to the general history of Romania. Then, we go on the cross Dâmbovița river, not forgetting to mention the most interesting facts about it and about the Palace of Justice that proudly rises on one of the river banks.

We continue our Bucharest free tour by entering the Old Town, visiting Stavropoleos Monastery, learning the story behind the famous Caru cu Bere restaurant, walking down Victoriei Avenue right before entering Macca Villacrosse passage – a gorgeous peaceful place during the morning that comes alive at night when the bars roam with locals.

After seeing the grandeur of the building where the National Bank of Romania is, we stop by Carturesti Carusel to see what used to be this building before becoming the most instagramable spot of the city! We go on to find out how the communist era affected the general look of Bucharest. Our next stop is dedicated to describing all of the most delicious Romanian dishes – traditions and superstitions included! What would a free tour be without a more than 200 years old inn and the oldest standing church of the city? Probably not as good, that’s why we stop at Manuc’s Inn and Saint Anthony’s Church.

After telling the 100% real story of the ruler that inspired Dracula’s legend, we continue towards Rome’s symbol, describing how the Romanian people formed, we visit the Kilometer Zero monument and we find out its interesting history before finishing a two hours and a half walk in University’s Square where we tell the story of the Communist regime fall. Don’t worry; our final stop is five minutes away of restaurants and bars, just in case you will want to have lunch right after tour! 

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Adrianne was an excellent tour guide. She answered all the questions that my husband and I asked, with candour and knowledge. She offered helpful suggestions regarding possible places to eat and drink. We found the tour to be enjoyable and informative.
Ros T, United Kingdom
via TripAdvisor Unbelievable Bucharest
I have done lots of these tours and this one was the best, because of our delightful and intelligent guide. Not only is she correctly sceptical of much that is happening but she also has a very nice sense of humour.Talking to other members of our group I found they shared my pleasure. Use this service and have fun
Denis J, Hamilton, New Zealand
via TripAdvisor Unbelievable Bucharest​
We had a really nice tour walking through the different streets and important spots of Bucharest. Our guide Adrian was really nice, he explained us the history of the country and some other facts and useful information of the city. He also gave us some recommendations and tips of where to go, where to eat... Thanks for such a memorable tour.
Maria N.
via TripAdvisor Unbelievable Bucharest​

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